Wednesday, 3 February 2010

the mist in the trees

February here, and bitter cold. The intermittent sunlight looks pretty, but it doesn't do much to warm anything, and even the kids are tiring of snow and snow and snow again.

It's time to bake comforting things that lift the spirits when you come inside, time for well-stoked fires and hot cuppas cradled over a lap afghan, time to start dreaming of Spring and hoping that what feels like a very far off day will hurry and be here soon.

It's the half-way mark of winter, and the groundhog, damn him, was not kind this year. I tell Bear that my second husband will be Polynesian, and dream of warm waves and air that I can't see my breath in.

Next week I've agreed to give a talk about a hobby of mine, a fact that alternately leaves me excited and nauseous. As much as the women there are friends of mine and would not let me fall on my face (I know this) I still cringe a bit inside at the thought of getting up in front and talking about something near and dear to my heart that I never learned out of books and have learned by trial and error. It's not that I can't talk about photography, it's that I'm not sure I should be teaching about it.

Again, a friendly crowd. But I will disappoint myself if I don't do as well as I think I should.


Meggie said...

I am sure you will do really well. Your photos are brilliant.
I love the ducks prints.
It seems out of whack that you are so tired of cold & snow, & we are so tired of hot & sticky!!

kyooty said...

good luck with your talk, I'm sure you will be fine. My kids haven't reached the point of over snowed yet, I think because we didn't get 1/2 as much as we had this time last year?

Charmaine said...

your photos speak for themselves...a few tips and we will be so happy...I got a new camera yesterday..just a simple cannon power shot one..I broke the flash on my other new one..damn this is a bit of a step down:( I looked at the real awesome ones but they had too many gadgets for NOT worry.

Elizabeth said...

There is always 6 more weeks of winter in Canada no matter what happens to those furry little mammals.

I have reached my threshold of snow oh, 20 years ago. I'm not waiting for a second husband. I told the current one that when youngest graduates from high school we are out of here.
Good luck with your talk.

Mary G said...

Yeah, me too. Although we do have sun.
What I would go miles to hear is a talk on why and how you love photography. The techie stuff is available in books.

Anonymous said...

I hate talking in front of my peers. I'd be nervous, too. I'm sure you'll do great. You're talking about something you love, and that always makes things go a bit smoother.

Molly said...

Good luck! I'm sure you'll do fine! You may be tired of winter, but your photos are beautiful....

wherewiller said...

In a similar vein, I got invited to be on a panel on social marketing & blogging. Which is crazy because I'm the world's smallest blogger (in terms of audience). But I decided to go for it, to try to meet the challenge too. We'll do great, right? Right?!!

mamatulip said...

Good luck next will rock it, I'm sure!

apathy lounge said...

This is how I know that I wasn't meant to live in snowy territory. Day 1: "Snow is so beatiful!". Day 2: "I hate the snow!".

Remind me of this when it's summer here and 112 degrees.

Angewl said...

I am crazy about pictures. I had checked into being a photographer before I became PG with S. Then just this year was offered a position with a studio when I told them a shot they should do.
I checked into classes and they are so expensive, well at least for me right now they are.
I have a nice camera, but I only have Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and Microsoft Imaging. Do you think they're sufficient, or would I need different software?

Good luck. Your pictures are beautiful!