Wednesday, 6 January 2010

tea in the sahara with you

It's crazy, how a simple thing like getting together over cake and coffee can re-energize you.

Tomorrow is the inaugural meeting of a group that grew out of the literacy class I was a part of - we're plotting all sorts of good things, not the least of which will be the chance to get out and get with other women to laugh and talk and exchange ideas.

Today I did laundry and dishes and the sweeping and the mopping *Cinderella's mice burst into song behind me* and the cooking and the clearing up and all the while I kept thinking how nice it will be to flop down on that chair tomorrow and have someone hand me a cup of coffee, to giggle about stupid things and cheer each other on.

How nice.

And how timely, as the weather goes from nasty to so-so to briefly beautiful to melt and melt and melt some more, to start something new.


Charmaine said...

I couldn't agree more..looking so forward to it.......

Elizabeth said...

Ah, that's one thing I miss since I've moved. I can't get together with my friends over coffee - except on the phone - so not the same thing!

Have you seen the bed-into-bench over at Homespun Living.?

Jen on the Edge said...

Sounds lovely.

Based on the title, I'm guessing you're a Sting fan?

Anonymous said...

Have lots of fun, you so deserve it.