Thursday, 14 January 2010

show us your privates

My shirt was purple, satin swirly stuff, and I think I only wore it a few times because while I loved it, it reminded me of pyjamas. And my earrings were silver.

I don't remember them - they hold no special place in my heart - but they'd have to be silver, because that was all I wore back then.

And I think (I think!) this was taken at the dining room table.

I love this picture. Love the way it almost (okay, if you ignore the outrageously eighties hair) looks moody and flapperish, love the way I recognize bits of my grandmother's bone structure, love how I look all thoughtful and considering.

I look back over the years since this was taken and I wonder - if I could talk to this girl, could make her come out of her growing up is haaaaaard to doooooo angst,

would we have much to say to each other?

photo credit, Edw. J. Van Dyne. Senior picture, 1989
(I had black-and-whites.)

I'd like to think so. But I'm not sure. She had bigger plans, different axes to grind, different-sized problems. She laughed a lot (although you can't tell from this picture!) and she was more open to new things.

God, the hair. Is it growing, or is it just me??
This piece of navel-gazing brought to you by Wayback Week, a silly little bit of Facebook status fluff that started me thinking about how far I've come and how I've changed since high school.

Oh, yeah, and it's Delurker Day. I'd love it if you'd let me know you're out there so I can come check out your blogs, too!


Trish said...

That looks like a still photograph from a John Hughes movie. Very Molly Ringwald-esque.

Ah, the eighties. Were they really that long ago???

mapsgirl said...

Awesome pic!

Not really needing to de-lurk... you know I'm here. But I'll play along!

Jen on the Edge said...

I'm with Trish -- you look like you could be in a John Hughes movie.

If I were brave, I'd dig out some oldies of me.

Mary G said...

I love the photo - but, yes, I want to take a brush to the hairdo!
Hi, I'm delurking - not that I lurk a lot - too much fun typing in little boxes.
My kid photo is over at Facebook. And the hair is in braids with satin ribbon. I still recall how much I hated those ribbons.

May-B said...

It is very John Hughes-esque. I love it.

I can't believe I missed delurk day. Boo.

Jokee said...

I love the picture! I'm de-lurking. I read your blog all the time. Unfortunately I don't have a blog. I just have my facebook page.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog! Have a great weekend!


Suzanne said...

I was in school all day yesterday, but you knew I'd turn up eventually, right?

I love the pensiveness in this picture. If Bear were to take a picture while you were concentrating on writing, you'd probably find that not much has changed since the 80's.

patty said...

i've de-lurked, read ya all the time, love the black and white photo

Loth said...

I don't think I count as a lurker, but hello anyway! Love that photo - what year was it taken?

gabriella said...

Delurking a day or two late! But hello!!!

I miss the 80's as much as they were horrible they were awesome and so innocent at the same time!!

Charmaine said...

It does look like a scene from a Molly Ringwald movie!!!


My favorite photo from the '80s shows me very slim in scuffed up cowboy boots sleeping on my kitchen floor.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Okay. Okay. I'll come clean. I am not grey or alone. A species test by a trained vet will also confirm that I am not even a squirrel. I have no bright eyes or bushy tail. Sadly, I am a middle aged guy with a pouch. At least, I am not balding......yet. But that's just a matter of time. Also, you should see me try to raid the bird feeder......not a pretty sight.

alison said...

I'm showing up late, but I'm here!

Molly said...

Love the pic---you look so pensive!
I also wonder what we'd find to talk about if I were to run into the younger me!

Flicka said...

You Look beautiful! You are so photographic, Jess.

I'm still here reading although I'm not always so good at commenting. And you know where all my stuff is. :)