Friday, 31 October 2008

a saga in three costumes

Waaay back in the early days of this month, Cass had put in his order for his Halloween costume.

And I wept and gnashed my teeth and shook my fists at an unsympathetic sky and actually made blueprints and then figured out not only would the damned costume weigh sixty pounds, he would be unable to see very well and couldn't sit in the car to boot.

So I sniveled (on the internet! For shame!) and then, while I was sobbing face-down over the remnants of ripped boxes and tangled string, poster paint spotting the floor, my clothes, my hair... there was a gentle tap on my shoulder (angels sang) and my sister-in-law said
"Hey, Jess? I found one on the internet."

And lo! The earth did smile again. (Or at least the mom.)

So C was thrilled by his costume. So thrilled, actually, that he was afraid to wear it to his big Hallow'een party. What if my mask breaks? What if I spill something on it? How can I play games with a full-face mask on??

Enter costume number 2. The Werewolf. This was a huge hit and was born of desperation and a lucky glance into a supermarket bin.
(Not sure what he was doing there - dancing? - but probably the best shot I got of the great slashing holes and jagged tears we tore in his clothes.)

Then today he had his Halloween party at school and went as a pirate. (Costume number 3.) His school has a no-costumes-on-holidays policy, and so one thing is picked each year and all the students wear funny socks, or hats, or this year? Pirates. While they couldn't wear swords or be too elaborate, they all wore pirate headgear. I didn't get a picture of Cass in his gear, so you'll just have to imagine...tall, skinny kid, giant black hat, skull-and-crossbones neckerchief.

Then...tonight. Tonight was THE night. Tonight was Transformers night.

He made a good car-turned-to-a-robot.

And we went trick-or-treating and they* got bags and bags of swag and were feted up and down and ran their asses off, running from door to door and house to house while their father and I tried vainly to keep up.

And now they've passed out.

Happy Hallow'een to all.

*Yes, for the purpose of this post I HAVE forgotten that I have TWO kids. See, she only had ONE costume, a fact that someday when the teen years hit I'm sure I'll pay for.....

But see how cute!


Suzanne said...

The Transformers costume is incredible. I'll bet Cass remembers this Halloween for years-the one when he had three costumes.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love it when I can throw money at a problem and solve it.

Caro said...

Happy belated halloween. They look cute.

Ree said...

So, that's what a purple kitten looks like?

I love the costumes.

Jeanette said...

My son would absolutely love the transformer outfit! Very cool!

Isabelle said...

Yes, indeed, very cute. But quite complicated. You are indeed a good mother.

No Mother Earth said...

OO, that Transformers costume is da bomb!

Stomper Girl said...

Happy Halloween. I am NOT going to let my kids see that very cool Transformer costume.

womaninawindow said...

So sweet but tonnes of work. I marveled as we walked house to house at how tired I was and I wondered at what. Anticipation is exhausting I suppose.

And why does the school have that rule and yet say, everyone be a pirate? Just curious. I can see the merit of socks and hats but that was yet another costume you needed.

daysgoby said...

E - I think the idea was that everyone could afford a kerchief to tie over their head. One of the big reasons the school doesn't allow full-on costumes is for fear someone won't be able to afford one. (We is a poor-er district.)

kittenpie said...

I know what that werewolf's doing - the thriller dance!