Tuesday, 25 September 2007

out of the mouths of vets

This morning Rosey and I took the dog to the vet office for a checkup. He's usually the biggest dog there (another of my many talents is to invariably book him when the waiting room is filled with small fluffy dogs that crouch in fear and pee when he comes into the room) and quite often the stupidest - the puppy in him makes him a whining drooling mess and the way everyone in the room is gawkingly afraid he's going to savage poor twee Bitsy or Noodles makes him hyper.

The vet, though, was soothingly friendly as Jasper wound his leash around her legs and tried to beat her into submission with his tail. "He's healing well" she said as he did the happy dance and piddled a little. "I guess you've forgiven me, hey, boy?"

(The last time she saw Jas he was briefly still a he. If you get my meaning.)

Jasper gazed up at her with love bursting from his deep brown eyes and whammed his head into the crotch of her pants. Ooofing a little, she made him sit and gave him a biscuit, then gave his leash back to me. "Okay! Everything looks great. Do you have any interest in taking him to obedience class? We're starting one soon."
"Don't we have to wait until he's full-grown?" I asked her as she oofed again and danced away from the dog.

Her eyes got really big. "Full-grown? Hon, you do realize he's going to be a moose, don't you?
I really think it might be better if you had more...ahh, control over him before he's bigger than the kids."

BIGGER THAN THE KIDS. I now have a medical opinion that the Jabberwocky is going to be the BIGGEST DOG ALIVE.

And now we're back, and the Beast is sooo happy to not have tickly bits of string on his person that he's goofy-eyed and foolish with affection.

I wonder if I could buy a pony-cart? Or a sleigh. Or maybe he could just carry the children on his back. Either way, I have to find him a job to do.


Angewl said...

Exactly how big do you think he will get? Do we get a new pic soon?

meggie said...

Yes! please with the pic.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I want a picture too! That is, if you can get him to sit for a few minutes.

Posybunny said...

I have been thinking about getting a cart for my two beasts, too!

They have so much more energy than I do. There is no hope that I could ever wear them out.

The purebred labs that I know are scary huge. They are sweethearts, but at that size even a friendly greeting can be dangerous.

Congrats on your new blog job, too!

Joke said...

Will he fell a dozen oxen with a single blow?


DaniGirl said...

Our Katie is a bit of a beast. She's a golden-shepherd mix, but she weighs in over 100 lbs. Thankfully, she's the gentlest, sweetest dog on the planet and has the patience of Job as the boys poke and prod her and use her as a steptstool to get on to the sofa.

I'd highly recommend obedience training, though. She was a nut until she was at least two years old... thank god she's mellowed with age!

Dawn said...

Um, maybe you've posted a pic. here and I just can't remember but yes, please do!

Glad to hear he's all better too :)

Anonymous said...


This site has instructions for converting a regular toy wagon into a cart. I highly recommend it. My big ol' dog Bear pulled a cart -- he carried my brothers' school books to school, and would carry smaller children once in a while. Bear weighed 85 pounds during his prime. It makes a huge difference when the dog has a job.

Good luck!!