Wednesday, 12 September 2007

falling season

It seems the windy and rainy season is upon us here - while today is lovely, cool and green, there's a distinct hint of autumnal crispness in the air.

Apples are plunking! against the shed roof and the blackberries are showing their jeweled faces - time to take long hikes and berry-pick.

Time to begin indian summer.

I'm ready.


meggie said...

I love Indian Summers!

Canada said...

mmmm, blackberries!!!

Here, I am just waiting for a killing frost, and THEN I waill be happy for Indian summer. Between Clara's hayfever (Aerius in the a.m., Dimetapp before bed) and Jasmine the dalmatian's hayfever (I'm really not joking. She's on 3 Benadryl a day), I just want all the itching to stop!!

Posybunny said...

I want to go berry picking...but I live in the city. We have no berries.

Do you love living in the country, Jess? Or do you miss the city?

Sarah Louise said...

oh, it is really nice here--I've had windows open for two days. Fall is such a nice season (did I just say that?) (the light changing, the weather gettting colder, the harbinger of WINTER, my favorite season, yep, that was me.) Will the pond freeze solid like it did last year, that is what I want to know. Obviously I need to take my morning walk--I've been living the city/driving life too many days in a row. Apples plunking sounds LOVELY.

oh, and my vw is one of the lesser russian writers: Dodvesly.

Dawn said...

I just spotted caramel apples at the grocery store yesteday, a sure sign of fall here in Columbus, Ohio!

and berry picking sounds fantastic!

PBfish said...

Oh, I miss the fall. sigh.
Sounds lovely.

jAMiE said...

Fall is definitely in the air...someone mentioned caramel apples, yummy! And fresh Mackintosh apples...very tart, love 'em!