Wednesday, 4 July 2007

mud puppies


Phone call from B:

B:What exactly do we use to wash the dog?
Me: Dog shampoo. Upstairs. In the bathroom. Why?
B: And what do I use to wash Cass?
Me: Boy shampoo. WHAT HAPPENED?
B: Can his crocs go in the washer?
Me: Actually, I've been putting them in the dishwasher*. WHAT HAPPENED?
B: I'm dirty too.

Apparently while I was at work yesterday the dog got away from Cass and went down in the watershed, which is nice and muddy and just slick enough to get the dog stuck in mud up to his belly,

which meant Cassidy had to climb down and get him, getting covered in mud in the process,

and then he lost his shoe and then his footing and was upset enough

that Bear waded in too.

The baby (smart girl that she is) just laughed at them when they came inside.

*and it works really well. Just take them out if you use a really hot sanitizing dry.


meggie said...

OMG, never a dull moment.
But dont you wish they would explain before they ask alarming questions!!

Stomper Girl said...

This is funny, but I think you need to get Mr B involved in bathtime on a more regular basis :"What do I use to wash Cass?"

Molly said...

Hilarious mental pictures forming over here. Smug too.....that we no longer have "dawgs"....been there, done that, no wish to revisit, yes I'm dull and boring, which makes a nice change of pace from all those child/dog raising years!

daysgoby said...

SG - Actually, he does give the kids their baths most nights - he was so rattled he forgot!

Hee. My man the magnificent.

My float said...

Those phone calls make me very nervous!

How funny of R to laugh at them!Smart girl...