Sunday, 26 February 2012

ziteous maximus

I'm hiding behind my computer a bit today, a litle perplexed by the giant scab/dead skin patch on my chin where a rogue blemish lurked beneath the skin for awhile. Then I got impatient and rubbed at it, and now it looks like I've got some creative rug burn. Or something.

I'm forty, for pete's sakes. Why the acne now?? I thought I'd found a skin regime that would stop all this - this is my first breakout in three months, so I guess I can't complain, really...

Probably just couldn't compete with the news that the kids' school is on the review list. Again.

We've stopped this before. Clearly the odds are against us. But we have fire, and we have conviction.

And I have a zit. Damnit.


Mary G said...

Me too. And I'm almost 70.
Also full of sympathy for the school review. I've fought school closings too.

trish said...

This stuff is AMAZING.

I also get pimples, and this stuff clears them up in less than half the time I would have endured if just using tea tree oil. It's really quite miraculous.

Coupons said...
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Jen on the Edge said...

No acne when I was a teenager -- I had glorious, perfect skin -- but it decided to appear in my mid-30s. Argh.