Wednesday, 16 March 2011

the wild, wild woods

It's pretty easy to get my kids to behave. All I have to do is take them out on their bikes and show them the dangers of living where we do.

Things like:
showing them the GIANT BEAVER teethmarks on the freshly fallen trees by the river..... (hungry beavers)

and how the ice on the river looks like sharp monster teeth, all jagged and cross....

and the MUTANT FISH ALERT signs that are everywhere.

Actually, it's kind of a wonder they go outside at all. Huh. Must be the spring air and the sunshine.
 Beware, children! Evil things lurk in that there underbrush!

It's been lovely the last few days, and there's been lots of bike-riding and running outdoors. Hurrah for spring! 

WHERE have you BEEN, lovely????? We've missed you.


Anonymous said...

oh my god. how do you handle such a horribly scary place ;o)

spring is certainly in the air!! enjoy the time with your kiddies.

Mary G said...

That's a wonderful photo of the beaver damage. Love it.
Did you mention the big mud holes that you can Sink Into? Potholes, too. The vole runs coming up out of the snow? (Big Scary Voles, oooh!)

Ah, spring. Season of lost boots and abandoned mittens, washers full of muddy clothes, suddenly sunburnt noses, rediscovered toys.