Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Ugh, I need to pay more attention to my blog! I missed my own blogiversary!

I've been blogging SIX YEARS.

Six years is a looong time in electronic years. A loong time.

Speaking of both six years and a long time, a certain girl is nearing the teenage years. I mean, it's been fun, it's been real, it's been all that and more, but.....wait......really?........

Oh, right. It's just her attitude that's pretending to be sixteen. The rest of her just fell in with the stomping and posturing.

Now, up until about a week ago I'd swear she was six.

But....lately....when she's asked to do something or told to go to bed or darn near anything, her head spins, she swings her body around and utters that horrid word "Whatever."

And then she rolls her eyes. And stomps.

I can't figure out where this is coming from. School? Her friends? iCarly? 

And just when I get my breath back from the sudden-death-puberty strike and open my mouth to address this inappropriate and egregious behavior, she'll....giggle. Or grab up her crayons and draw. Or start telling me about the (epic) story of what all her Barbies are doing.

And suddenly, she's six again.

Oh, it's gonna be fun being your Mama, Miss Rosey.  I think.


Dawn said...

My girl turns 13 in May.

I know exactly the behavior of which you speak.

I can almost handle the attitude, but the impending interest in romance really kills me.

Stomper Girl said...

Well they do say girls mature faster than boys, but that seems to be pushing it a bit...

Happy blogiversary Jess.

Nova Scotia Local said...

Happy Blogiversary Jess!
As a mom of two teenage girls, I want to tell you that is the best rollercoaster rides ever!
It is sooo much fun watching them bloom into the wonderful women they are becoming.

Dawn said...

Ughh! But Happy Anniversary! 6 years, wow!

Anonymous said...

how nice. happy anniversary. i am so sick of snow....

Mary G said...

Teenagers are fun, especially if you also enjoy the big rollercoaster rides at the amusement park.
They're like that. My age 7 grandkid is like that.
And I love it. Although, if I am being honest, I loved it less when the grandkid's mother and aunt did it.
May you survive and stay friends.

And happy blogiversity. Love your blog.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Blog 6th!
As for Rosie: you ain't seen nothing yet! (I have a real live and in technicolour 16 year old, I know of what I speak. I do hope you have two washrooms)