Sunday, 16 January 2011


January is usually when I get the blahs. It's not depression, not really, but I find the usual white-blankness of the scenery unnerving. Monotonous.

Of course, this year the snow has been sporadic and many of the birds that make themselves scarce during the coldest months are confused by the weather and huddle, dispiritedly. They make little croaks of disbelief at the temperatures when it's cold and sing their hearts out when it warms.  They make sunny days a joy to be outside.

This year, some really exciting things are happening at the beginning of February.
Halifax has the Canada Games Skating Oval (scroll about half-way down that page to see a picture of it) and there is a School Skate program. So the little school here  - well, everyone's going skating on some historic ice. Pretty cool, huh?

One of the local towns, Liverpool, is trying (and succeeding!) to catch the attention of the producers of the  CBC television show 'Village On A Diet'. The town that will be the subject of next season  will be decided at the end of January.

Sue is here!  I forsee a dinosaur trip in my future....

Oh, and I can't forget my night out with the girls. Icewine, here we come!

Yes, I missed De-Lurking Day. So tell me, what's going on with you??


Loth said...

Well, we're spending every weekend stripping wallpaper and painting stuff down at our wee cottage in the country. And right this minute I am looking at websites to try and decide where to spend 2 nights of this year's Nova Scotia vacation! (A couple of nights in July, maybe somewhere up by Digby Neck? All suggestions gratefully received!!)

Mary G said...

Cleaning. I spend January cleaning. And plodding through snow drifts to feed birds, deer and my family (last mentioned snow drifts are in the grocery store parking lot).
Oh, and praying for spring.