Monday, 13 December 2010


Wow, half the States are snowed-in and here we're having some serious wind and some rain. No power dips yet (and lord, I've probably jinxed the whole province now) but the wind is a constant noise. It's sort of what I imagine living out on the moors would be.

 - A little aside here: There are very few things finer than hanging out with your kids on a blustery night and watching the original Grinch and having the big boy sing along with the songs. -

It's not even really cold. I wouldn't want to hang around outside without a coat for too long, but it just feels damp outside, not at all jingle-bell-y and yuletide-ish.

But we still have time for it to feel like Christmas!  This week is the kids' concert (Rosey has shiny silver shoes) and some great parties - Ho! Ho! Ho! I feel my holiday spirit rising!

Ooh! And I found my notebook! Not really a Christmas miracle, but yay!


Loth said...

Pop over to Edinburgh, quick! My parents are due to fly to Sydney on Friday (only 18 days late) so naturally we are promised more snow on Thursday!!

Mel said...

In parts of Southern Ontario, we're getting slammed with snow. So I guess it's different everywhere. I just watched the Grinch with my kids last night. Too funny.