Thursday, 11 February 2021


I'm still here. Still nattering along, just being me. The kids are getting bold and big - can I even call Cass a kid anymore? Prolly not, really, since he's nineteen, bearded, and going to university (altho' Covid has made it less of a new adventure and more a taking classes online and not moving out of the house kind of thing) but he'll always be a kid to me. Roo is a junior in high school (HOW??) and coming into her own. She's making great grades, has two part-time jobs, and continues to be her own sparkly self. Bear is currently out on stress leave - this Covid mess has everyone twisted up. Aaaaand....we have a dog. We lost Jasper last spring, dithered a few months, then I jumped at the chance to foster, and....well, as my history shows, I'm an excellent foster parent, with attachment issues. They don't leave. Aurora the pocket shepherd (shep-border collie mix, as far as we can tell) has joined the pack. We are much richer for having her. I am very lucky to live where I do, Nova S is almost untouched (thank you, Premier McNeil, for your leadership and keeping us all safe) and we're all cautious but hopeful. Having the rest of my family still in the States, though, scares the bejesus out of me. Personally? Still the same weight, a lot more silver strands. Last night I realized I can wear Mom's wedding band now. It looks strange on my hand. I miss her fiercely somedays. The sun is out, although it's a bitterly cold day. The sky is a thousand colours of blue and the clouds look smudged like pastel crayons. It's a gorgeous day.

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