Sunday, 6 May 2018

Sighing that it’s Sunday

And another weekend is in the can. Shopping, a lot of walks (with the sadly aging and grey-ing doggo, who is probably on a long slow decline, as most big dogs are wont to do) some reading, some cleaning, a huge-and-delicious potato salad consumed, a garden full of seeds planted. (Potting soil, seeds, cardboard egg cartons. The ground is yet to be raked, although that will have to be this week, since the seeds are showing green soft heads and relishing the warmth of the sun porch.) 

One kid is blissed out with a new movie, and the other, re-reading her English assignment. 

I have yet to make lunches, but once I get off the couch and get that done, I’ll probably opt for throwing some laundry in and an early bedtime. Fresh sheets and a good book. Yum.

A delicious way to end the weekend.


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