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Bring on 2020 and the dancing bears

2019 has been kind. I’ve lost weight (a stomach operation, then changing my diet has made some drastic changes) I’ve been diagnosed with a (treatable) heart condition, and I have a job I really love. Job singular. For the first time in YEARS, I have ONE job, not a main and side-gigs. So of course I’ve been volunteering up a storm. Heh. You’d think I’d relax or something. My kids are gorgeous and amazing. The small boy Cass is now a senior in high school, with plans for university and his future. I’m so proud of the man he’s becoming, although I still miss the ghost of his six year old self with the flashing gap-toothed grin. Nowadays he’s much less likely to eat the last cookie and much more probable to ask me if I’ve seen the Gordon Ramsey turkey video, and then borrow the car. The small girl Rosey is now in tenth grade, and she’s flowering into a lovely, self-aware young woman. She comes in colours like a rainbow, as the old song says, and Rosey feels things deeply. She has wise…

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