Wednesday, 16 June 2010

ain't that a kick in the head

Everyone's heard by now that Silicon Valley Moms Blog Group is closing, right? There are conflicting stories as to why, but it seems to boil down to not enough time and money and it's sad. I've learned a lot and met some nice people (phenomenal writers, too) while writing for them, (via Canada Moms Blog) and now I'm feeling...sort of....adrift. I enjoyed working with a collective and will probably seek out that experience again.

I copied the CMB posts to my own site, so if you missed my brilliance the first time around, go see! (snort)

Tonight I have dinner and perhaps a restorative glass of vino with friends. Can't wait. This has been a long week.

And damn it all, it's only Wednesday.


kyooty said...

I did not hear they were closing. Now I'm really bummed! I loved reading their blogs. SVMoms is where I found your blog!

apathy lounge said...

I hate it when stuff I love ceases to be. Maybe it's making the way for something else that's good.

Nenette Alejandria Mayor said...

I'm feeling adrift too. I'm still in a bit of shock and unable to really blog about it yet.
I wonder if our group will decide to do something to keep us all writing together.

Beck said...

It IS disappointing - there were so many interesting voices there, yours very much among them. But there's only so much time and so much money to go around, I guess. Sad, though.


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